Gusto Homes launch unique community donation project

Gusto Homes have recently launched a unique community donation project where their employees will each donate £500 to a local charity or project of their choice.

The Gusto Community Fund aims to give around £15,000 of financial support to a number of local charities and projects as well as enriching the communities where the employees live, and donations will be given at a cheque presentation.

The 30 Gusto employees each have the chance to choose a charity or project within the community they live in or a charity close to their heart, giving the wider community the opportunity to gain awareness about lesser known organisations and the work they do.

Last week, construction employee, Dave Thomson, presented the first cheque donation to Lincolnshire-based charity, St Barnabas Hospice.

The £500 donation will be enough to pay for a Hospice at Home nurse to be able to visit a patient in their own home and amongst their family providing vital end of life care for a day.

Additionally, the money can also pay for 100 three-course meals for the St Barnabas patients when they stay at their In Patient Unit.

Photo: Chloe Gelsthorpe – Chloe Gels Photo & Video.

Chairman of Gusto Group, Steff Wright said: “During these times, community has become more and more important.

“Putting money back into the community and giving our employees the chance to do so, allows us to help make communities stronger.”

“Not only this, but through the process of finding who to donate to, our employees are engaging better with their own communities.”

Photo: Chloe Gelsthorpe – Chloe Gels Photo & Video.

Steff Continued: “We’ve got donations lined up for a variety of local projects, such as FISH (Food In School Holidays), no-plastics projects, village hall projects and more.

“Our employees have the chance to make a real impact.”

Gusto Homes aims to run the scheme on an annual basis with hopes of also getting future home-buyers involved in donating into their local community.

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