New estate agency offers different approach to home selling

A new Lincoln-based estate agency, The Agent, successfully launched earlier this week, and aim to offer a different home selling approach.

The Agent is focussed on partner selling, and was established to help the homeowner achieve the best possible sale price for their property through a dedicated, experienced, one to one sales partner.

The commitment from the appointed partner is established at the no-obligation valuation stage, continues throughout the entire selling process of the home up to and including the successful completion of sale, with many homeowners choosing to ask the partner agent to support them with the negotiation for their onward purchase.

This one to one partner selling experience combined with a transparent no sale no fee pricing structure and no hidden extras service is a new approach to estate agency and eradicates many of the frustrations and stigmas experienced by homeowners in the past.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry between them, Co-Founders of The Agent, Carl Kettleborough and Steve Jeffries decided now was the right time to launch The Agent as the recent stamp duty break has given the property market a welcome boost.

Carl and Steve said: “The rise of cheap hybrid and online agents in recent years has shifted the industry towards a ‘listing’ culture.

“Both online and traditional agents compete by enlisting as many properties as possible to compensate for the drop in fees, pushing sales to the quickest buyer, not the highest priced buyer.

“Ultimately service levels suffer, home sellers often don’t achieve the price they otherwise would and are led down a path of overvaluing and price drops.

“At The Agent we work with highly experienced property experts who offer a one-to-one service, giving them the time they need to promptly and accurately respond to enquiries, prepare for valuations and negotiate the best price possible for our clients.”

“Appointing the right partner agent for Lincoln was absolutely critical to the launch of the business. We were therefore thrilled when Charlotte joined the team bringing with her years of experience and expertise.”

Charlotte Jones the appointed partner for Lincoln said:

“The idea of having your own Partner to manage your sale completely, is a fresh approach in home buying and selling.”

“One of the biggest criticisms from clients over the past 12 years I have been in the industry in Lincoln, has been contact and communication, mainly the lack of it.

“There isn’t a fixed person dealing with your sale and each time you ring, as they haven’t called you, they don’t know about your property.

“With The Agent, we deal with a limited amount of properties and give you our complete attention and a direct contact with you.”

“Those behind The Agent have put in place a team of people, responsible for their own areas so, you can feel confident that your home sale is being looked after and the best possible customer service is being given to you.”

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