Head of Criminal Law Team at Ringrose Law appointed Crown Court Recorder

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Head of the Criminal Law Department at Ringrose Law, Sunil Khanna, has been appointed as Crown Court Recorder.

Sunil has been practising Criminal Law for over 25 years, and he started the rigorous selection process in July 2019.

Sunil said: “The judiciary has often been seen as the preserve of barristers so it is important that solicitors grasp any opportunity to progress into judicial roles with both hands.

“Solicitors have experience of day-to-day client contact and case preparation so can understand when issues arise and can perhaps offer better solutions due to this experience and their skills.

“I am both excited and terrified in equal measures at the prospect of being a part-time judge but cannot wait to get on with it!”

In sharing his congratulations, Senior Director, John Knight said: “Having a solicitor in a judicial role broadened their knowledge and experience which can only be beneficial in their future handling of complex legal matters and client care.

“Allowing lawyers to pursue their judicial ambitions shows ambition, drive and can only help enhance the firm’s reputation, which is equally as important for a provincial firm, as it is for a City practice.”

The announcement that followed last week in the Law Society Gazette highlighted that 118 appointments had been made across the country with only 10% as practicing Solicitors.

Law Society president Simon Davis congratulated all the solicitors who have been appointed.

Davis said: “Solicitors continue to be underrepresented on the bench and despite these successes, it is disappointing to see a low number of solicitors sitting in and appointed as recorders.”

“Solicitors from all backgrounds possess judicial skills, and we work with members across the profession to help them understand what it takes to make a successful application for judicial office.

“The Law Society will work with stakeholders to support solicitors interested in judicial appointment and continue to advocate for more solicitors to be appointed to this role and in the wider judiciary.”

Sunil will be sitting up to 30 days a year on the Midland Circuit, and the appointment will take effect from 12 October.