LincolnX Featured: PCW Consulting – Leading businesses through times of change

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LincolnX Featured takes a look at our LincolnX members, profiling their firm and highlighting key developments within their business. 

This week’s LincolnX member is PCW Consulting, a business management consultancy firm which aims to help companies across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands improve business performance, generate strategic growth and lead businesses during times of change.

PCW’s team of trusted advisors formulate the best tailor made strategies catered to individual businesses and the needs of its owners, identifying areas for improvement to provide bespoke solutions to get businesses where they need to be.

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Founder & CEO, Paul Waldeck, established PCW Consulting in 2011, using his extensive business knowledge to support organisations to unlock their potential and grow.

Paul has worked with businesses in professional services, retail, hospitality, logistics, aerospace, manufacturing, technology and more.

He periodically consults for some major accountancy firms and he sits on a number of national and international boards.

The PCW management team also includes: Head of organisational design & development, Michelle Johnson; executive advisory director, Richard Marchant, and executive advisory directors Mike Higgins and Mike Waplington.

Paul said:

“Our team offers a grounded, comprehensive approach to business transformation across a range of sectors.”

“Our trusted advisors draw on their personal expertise and experience as entrepreneurs, SME business owners, investors and c-suite executives and we’re on hand to help business leaders address their individual business needs and goals.

“We live in challenging times, so it’s never been more important for companies to assess their business as a whole in order to streamline processes, improve their services and ultimately thrive and grow.”

The firm has recently launched a confidential clinic to support SMEs and independent businesses as they navigate the next six months.

The business clinic has been established by PCW Consulting in response to the coronavirus pandemic as businesses grapple with a ‘new normal’ which changes the way they must operate.

Conducted over Microsoft Teams, business leaders can speak in confidence while working remotely, gaining expert advice and guidance with complete discretion.

Head of organisational design & development, Michelle Johnson.

The 30 minute sessions are being held by PCW’s head of organisational design & development, Michelle Johnson to discuss any issues an organisation is facing as it adapts to a new way of working.

Michelle said: “2020 has been an extremely challenging year for businesses of all sizes and industries due to COVID-19.

“Many of us were already facing uncertainty due to Brexit and now we’re in a completely new world.

“Businesses are, in some capacity, able to return to normal however many are facing reduced demand, organisational restructuring and the need to adapt to survive the next six months.

“As businesses begin to look for long term solutions to ensure they stay viable, at PCW we’re offering free, 30 minute business clinics to give business leaders an opportunity to share their concerns and find solutions in total confidence.

“Previously, business clinics would take place in an office or some other semi-public location where people would meet face to face.

“Now we’re all working from home if we can, it creates a great opportunity for people to ask for help without fear of being overheard or spotted.”

“As an experienced change manager, I’ll be able to offer advice and guidance to address any worries, helping business owners or team leaders to have confidence as they move forward.”

To arrange a free 30 minute consultation with Michelle, email: [email protected].

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