Cherry Fields receives Gusto Community Fund donation

Cherry Fields has recently received a £500 cheque donation from the Gusto Community Fund, a project which aims to enrich local communities around the county.

Used as a green space for the surrounding Cherry Willingham area, the fields provide a place for residents to enjoy walks, bike rides, and a safe setting for Children to play.

Gusto Site Manager, Sam Smith, presented the £500 cheque donation to Cherry Fields, and the money is set to go towards the improvement of the space by installing a new Children’s play feature.

Launched in September, the Gusto Community Fund aims to enrich communities around the county by giving Gusto employees the chance to donate £500 to a local charity or project of their choice.

Photo: Chloe Gelsthorpe – Chloe Gels Photo & Video.

Cherry Willingham Parish Council bought the space for the community four years ago, and since, the fields have provided locals with an area to enjoy the great outdoors which has been especially beneficial during the national lockdown.

The site already features a 670m bike track, two areas where dogs can be off lead, a dog agility area, picnic areas, paths, a bridge giving residents access to the bank of the River Witham and the Viking Way footpath, a car park, and much more.

Involved with the maintenance of Cherry Fields is Barry Robinson, who said: “Cherry Fields is a project to create a green space for the community to enjoy, and is sited in two former arable fields on the south side of the village of Cherry Willingham.

Photo: Chloe Gelsthorpe – Chloe Gels Photo & Video.

Barry continued: “So far, we have planted some 5000 trees and plan to double that over the next few years.

“We have also added specific features within the site to appeal to various groups, for example, a bike track and a dog agility area.”

“One group that we are keen to encourage down to the Fields is children, so, we are particularly grateful to Gusto Construction for donating £500 that we can use to bring forward our plan to create a “scramble path”.

“This path will provide a route for the adventuresome to scramble under branches and over fallen tree trunks and rocks.”

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