Five minutes with: Richard Hill from SEO Traffic Lab

CityX took five minutes to speak to Richard Hill, CEO and Founder of digital marketing agency SEO Traffic Lab, to find out more about his business, how 2020 has been and his plans for 2021.

Tell us about the business, what is it you do?

SEO Traffic Lab is a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO and PPC Advertising for local and lead generation businesses. eComOne is solely focused on eCommerce businesses, offering Google Shopping Management, SEO and Social Ads services also.

With a results and data-driven approach we manage our clients digital marketing to help them scale their business and generate conversions!

When was the business formed and how has it changed over the years?

The answer to this question always shocks me! So, SEO Traffic Lab was formed in 2009 (where has the time gone) with a “do everything marketing agency” approach. Over the years we have changed dramatically. Over the past few years we have really focused on two of the things we are REALLY good at, SEO and PPC. This has allowed us the time to dedicate robust processes that have proven to generate results time after time. We have recently developed an SEO RECIPE that is proving a huge hit with our clients.

eComOne was formed just over 2 years ago now. We wanted to do the eCommerce world justice so created an agency that focuses purely on eCommerce businesses. This has allowed us to create and manage SEO and PPC campaigns that are highly competitive against established brands to generate sales for our clients.

We are just about to ramp up our CSR offering in the new year, helping to support charities close to our employees hearts.

Tell us a bit about how your business has been affected by the pandemic this year?

We have been extremely lucky to grow during the pandemic. As a large percentage of our clients are eCommerce, their sales have increased massively. Our local and lead generation clients have also adapted to the current situation, offering virtual services or click and collect. This growth has allowed us to recruit four new employees, growing our PPC and SEO departments further. We are just in the process of recruiting a Business Development Manager and feel very fortunate to been able to help companies through these challenging times with innovative Digital Marketing Strategies.

Have you learnt anything from the previous lockdown that you are implementing into this one?

I think the past year has shown the world the importance of family, friends and happiness. It has shown us how much community matters and how much Lincolnshire has really come together to support each other.

The first lockdown was a huge shock to the system, with many of our team never working from home. Straight away we put in effective communication systems to keep the morale high and make sure client work was being delivered to a high standard.

Our daily calls keep the team together, so that is definitely being implemented during the second lockdown.

Can you offer advice to businesses struggling during this time, whether they are in the same industry as yours or not?

We can’t stress this enough, communication. Communicate regularly with all of your stakeholders and make sure mental wellbeing is a high priority for the management and all of the team. Anxiety is at an all time high and mental health is the worst it has been. It has been said that suicide is becoming a pandemic within itself – which is so scary.

Remember that there are so many people out there willing to help, so ask for it! We are more than happy to offer advice to any businesses about their digital marketing (client or not) so please reach out.

What are your future plans for the business?

We have big plans! As mentioned above, we are planning on tripling our annual turnover and our clients. We are in the process of heavily systemising our processes to deliver the best possible results.

Our SEO RECIPE is at the forefront of our SEO department and this is being rolled out to all businesses. It includes the latest development and practices in SEO which will be introduced to our event calendar, with free online webinars and events for those that want to kick start 2021.

We are adding more people to our team. With a current focus on a Business Development Manager to start in the new year. We are also planning in the new year to recruit a Head of department for our growing SEO team.

Overall the focus is always to do our best as a team to deliver results for our clients, working as a team.

What do you think the future holds for your industry?

Excitement! There are constantly new advancements in our industry. If you would have said that brands would be paying to get their Ads on TikTok a year ago, everyone would be laughing. Social media is becoming more Ad focused (have you seen Instagram’s shopping feature). The future of Search is insane and Google is getting smarter.