Lincolnshire Co-op launch campaign to tackle food poverty this Christmas

Alongside 40 local community larders and food banks, Lincolnshire Co-op will be encouraging shoppers to donate one item every day throughout most of December in a food bank advent calendar campaign.

On Tuesday December 1, members will be able to easily support good causes in the local area by donating their dividend.

Shoppers can then follow the Society’s advent calendar and ‘give a little something’ this Christmas by donating one essential item most needed by food banks each day.

Captain Wendy Brown, Minister and current Food Bank Co-ordinator of The Salvation Army Food Bank in Gainsborough, says that due to the coronavirus pandemic, donations are needed now more than ever.

Dividend being donated to food banks. Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography.

Wendy said: “We’re seeing an unprecedented increase in demand like never before.

“As unemployment has been rising, more and more families are needing help from food banks.

“We’re also supporting local schools to make sure children don’t go hungry this Christmas.

“At the moment, demand seems to be four-fold the previous levels.

“The amount of food packages we used to do in a month – we’re now doing in a week.”

The suggested donations include a variety of items, from canned goods to cleaning products and toiletries.

The advent calendar can be downloaded from Lincolnshire Co-op’s website and is also displayed in all food stores.

Donations can be dropped off at the collection points in store when shoppers are picking up their essentials.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Coordinator Laura Worsley collecting shoppers’ donations from Newark Road Hykeham Food Store. Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography.

Alternatively, those participating from home, work, or school can save up their donations over the month and take them to food banks, community larders, or drop-off points at the end of the advent calendar campaign.

Food banks in the area are actively encouraging donors to save their contributions until early January, when donation numbers tend to decrease, and the extra help is needed most.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Manager, Sam Turner says: “We work closely with local food banks and have seen how important their hard work is, and the huge difference it makes to the community.

“We’ve got collection points in all our food stores so it’s easy for shoppers to donate.

“We’re proud to support these vital causes and hope that shoppers will join us and give a little something this Christmas.”

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