Stokes to deliver virtual experiences for company teams

Whilst face-to-face interactions with employees and clients are becoming increasingly difficult for businesses, Stokes Tea and Coffee have been working to create virtual events and experiences to help bring teams together during this time.

Operating in Lincoln for more than 118 years, the team at Stokes are hoping to give organisations the chance to continue their networking and team building events by offering virtual experiences which can be tailored to each client.

Specially designed kits and gift boxes are sent out to participants with everything they need prior to one of their events, and invitees can then join online and are taken through a virtual experience by one of the Stokes Master Roasters.

These events include a virtual tour of the Stokes roastery, special coffee tastings and more, with the hopes of bringing colleagues or clients together in real-time.

Stokes have received interest from a variety of local and global clients, and bookings have been made already by two Fortune 500 companies.

Nick Peel, MD, Stokes Tea & Coffee said:

“The virtual events have received amazing feedback.”

“Companies really enjoy having something so engaging and different to bring people and customers together even when they are apart.

“It’s proving to be a bit of lifeline for a vast range of clients.”

Stokes continues to develop its range of corporate gifts, experiences and events and plans to introduce new additions in the coming quarter.

For more information email: [email protected] or call 01522 523548