Success as Bluecube and Lincoln University deliver ‘Business Reimagined’ webinar

The University of Lincoln and telecoms provider, Bluecube, worked together earlier this month to deliver a two-day online webinar sharing expert insight into how businesses can adapt to Covid-19.

The ‘Business Reimagined’ workshop saw attendees join the virtual event to hear from well known Lincolnshire organisations across HR, finance, IT and communications.

The main message to attendees was ’embrace tech to succeed’.

Streets Accountants, Active Lincolnshire, Amica HR, Mosaic, Faster Britain and Cyberlab joined Bluecube and the University of Lincoln to deliver a series of webinars across the two days.

BBC presenter and technology journalist Lucy Hedges presented the event, and kicked off the two day workshop by sharing her thoughts on the importance of using technology to be able to work effectively and flexibly remotely during the pandemic.

Lucy emphasised the challenges businesses across all industries have faced to adapt to working from home quickly, including her own experience of moving from the news desk to her home desk.

Some of the highlights of ‘Business Reimagined’ included Louise Norman and Michelle Page from Amica HR, who explored the strategies that businesses can implement to maintain and ensure productivity from home.

Balancing work and family lives, legal considerations and managing performance remotely were all discussed to help attendees better understand the challenges their employees might be facing at home, and how they can support their teams over the coming months.

Ryan Bradbury from specialist cyber security consultancy CyberLab discussed the need for companies to improve their cyber security, especially now that the pandemic has changed the cyber threat landscape.

He encouraged listeners to consider whether their business is cyber secure in the new normal, and explored the simple solutions that they can implement to keep their critical data safe and secure while people work flexibly and remotely – including setting up two-factor authentication on applications and services and updating operating systems so that they are covered with the necessary antivirus and security solutions on all hardware.

Emma Tatlow, CEO of Active Lincolnshire, closed the event by encouraging workplace wellbeing through physical activity.

She explored the importance and impact of physical activity on mental health and productivity in the workplace, highlighting that it’s more important than ever that people are more active in their day to day lives.

Emma offered some tips to help employers promote a workplace that empowers people to take care of their health through movement, such as implementing a wellbeing policy, considering the impact of working from home on teams and appointing a wellbeing lead.

Paul Reames, managing director at Bluecube, said: “‘Business Reimagined’ was a fantastic opportunity for people to gain insights from a wide variety of experts from Lincolnshire’s leading organisations, and it was great to engage with such a wide variety content, covering finance, HR, security, telecommunications and much more.

“This was our first virtual event on this scale and we’re pleased to say it was a great success.”

“I want to thank everyone who tuned in, and of course a big thank you to Lucy and everyone who presented over the two days.

“We look forward to continuing to share our expertise with business leaders as we all navigate the coming months.”

The University of Lincoln supported the event as part of The Productivity Programme for Greater Lincolnshire, delivered by the University of Lincoln and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Click Here to watch ‘Business Reimagined’ on the Bluecube Youtube Channel.