Glow Heating Services launch brand new parent company

Glow Heating Services have today announced that both Glow Heating Services and GlowPlus Home Services have been adopted by their brand new parent company The Glow Group Limited.

Glow Heating Services, providing on demand heating solutions, and Glow Plus Home Services, providing subscription cover boiler plans, will work as two separate entities under the new parent company.

The company has been put in place to future-proof the business as it grows, allowing both companies to work in partnership to enable a unified and fluid service.

The Glow Group new branding. Image: Glow Group Ltd.

The Glow Group Limited will not affect the services delivered by Glow Heating Services and GlowPlus Home Services, but there has been new changes in their branding.

Jack McGovern, Founder and Managing Director, said: “This move is a big one for us, but it secures us for the future which means we can guarantee our customers will continue to get everything they love about Glow, however big we grow.

“Also, by working under a ‘parent’ umbrella, The Glow Group will allow both companies to work in partnership for a unified and unparalleled service, we guarantee it!

The Glow Group Ltd new logo.

“The most exciting part of these changes we think is our parent company will also allow us to spread our wings and ‘franchise’ when the time is right.”

“When we set out on this journey as a start-up business, we had dreams of concurring not only Lincolnshire but the UK.

“Today we say, we’re one step closer to it becoming a reality, and that’s thanks to you – our Glow family.”

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