Waterside Centre launches ‘design an imp’ competition for local schools

The Waterside Shopping Centre is launching a ‘design an Imp’ competition for schools in Lincolnshire as part of The Lincoln IMP Trail Education Programme.

The centre is one of the sponsors of the Educational Trail, which is being organised by The EBP in partnership with Wild in Art and Lincoln BIG.

The Lincoln Imp Education Trail will run alongside the Main Lincoln IMP trail.

The Waterside Centre IMP will form part of the Lincoln IMP Trail Education Programme which will see a trail of ‘Imps’ all designed by schools, on display in venues across the city centre throughout the summer.

Matthew Mckeown from The EBP, said:

“We’re thrilled to be working with Waterside as both a sponsor and venue for the Education Programme.”

“Their support has made it possible for schools from all over Lincolnshire to get involved and learn about our county’s rich and interesting history, whilst also being part of this unique Lincolnshire arts project.”

Photo: Waterside Shopping Centre.

The competition to design the Imp was the idea of the Waterside Centre’s General Manager, Dean Cross, who said: “In 2017 we sponsored the Lincoln Knights Education Traill, which was also organized by the EBP.

“Due to the success of the Knights Eduication Trail, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to sponsor Lincoln IMP Education Programme.”

The winning entry will have their design brought to life by Lincoln based designer and illustrator, Mel Langton, and the IMP will then form part of the Education Trail and will be publicly displayed in Lincoln.

Sarah Loftus, Chief Executive of Lincoln BIG said: “We are delighted that Waterside are pioneering this competition and and sponsoring the Lincoln IMP Education Trail.

“The design competition is a superb idea and excellent way to get young people involved in this community project. It is fantastic to have partners involved.”

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