Good news for jobseekers following increase in recruitment interest

Lincolnshire-based Red Recruitment 24/7 has reported a surge in enquiries from new clients looking to take on staff from March, with the firm recording its second strongest period of growth for this time of year since establishing almost 15 years ago.

Managing Director Mark Morley said: “Since the start of 2021, we have received 26 new enquiries from new clients for temp to permanent recruitment.

“This translates to more than £2.1 million worth of sales over the next 13 months.”

The firm supplies a range of sectors with staff to take-up industrial, commercial office and technical positions.

Typical roles can include customer service, administration, accounts and sales jobs right through to forklift, warehouse, pick and pack operators and CNC machine minders, as well as electrical and mechanical engineers.

Mark continued: “Firms are keen to start gearing-up their operations ready for when lockdown restrictions are lifted although some, of course, have grown despite the challenges created by the Coronavirus pandemic.

“With more than 76 live vacancies locally and further 131 new opportunities confirmed for March and that number rising, it is really good to see a brighter future for the jobs market.”

“Over the past 12 months our teams have helped more than 4,792 local families to grasp work opportunities.

“Most of them have led to permanent employment, which is very satisfying.”

Driving the popularity of the temp to perm market allows firms to respond quickly to rising demand and presents opportunities for those searching for work because ‘star temps’ find it can be a great route to permanent employment.

Director Simon Woodiwiss, who regularly talks to the Red Recruitment 24/7 team about his fluctuating staffing needs said taking the temp to permanent route to finding the right workers fits in particularly well with the nature of his growing business.

“It suits us on several different fronts because, importantly, it gives me the flexibility I need to operate efficiently.

“It removes an element of risk as well. If a job doesn’t suit someone, I can quickly request a replacement.

“That’s vital, particularly at times when demand for our products is on the rise.

“Another really satisfying aspect of using the temp to perm system is that it’s great when I spot a star worker and ultimately find myself in a position to be able to take them on permanently.”