Local homebuilder to boost wildlife with nature friendly housing and £1m initiative

Lincolnshire developer, Barratt Homes have been working to raise the bar for nature friendly housing across the country with their new £1 million initiative to prioritise wildlife as part of their ongoing partnership with wildlife charity RSPB.

By 2023 Barratt Homes will further prioritise wildlife on all of its new developments by creating dedicated space for local biodiversity conservation, installing a range of wildlife friendly features and following expert RSPB advice.

Beyond 2023 their goal is to have at least 10% more wildlife habitats in and around developments, delivering a clear biodiversity net gain across the country.

Within two years every new development will be provided with the guidance and tools to include wildlife friendly features into its public open spaces including plans to create climate resilient landscapes.

More trees will be planted each year and it is transitioning to become peat free.

Every new show home garden will follow strict RSPB guidance which prioritises wildlife through specialist planting and landscaping, with at least 50% of the gardens to receive special RSPB commendations.

Photo: Barratt Homes.

Many of the new developments will also feature more hedgehog highways and swift nesting sites.

Back in 2018, parent company Barratt Developments became the first housebuilder to target 10 cities around the country with swift nesting bricks developed with the RSPB.

Having already installed hundreds of the swift bricks now its goal is to install several thousand around the country.

As part of the ongoing partnership, Barratt Developments is also investing £1 million in a new project with the RSPB to support people to help nature thrive in their gardens, balconies and eventually their community greenspaces.

Launching in spring 2021 and called Nature on Your Doorstep, the project will deliver the resources, connections and inspiration that will empower people to create their own havens for wildlife where they live.

The project will focus on the development of digital resources and an online community that brings people together to share their stories, tips and advice on the best ways to look after nature near them.

David Thomas, Chief Executive of Barratt Developments, said: “As the country’s leading national sustainable housebuilder looking after nature is integral to the work that we continuously do through our partnership with RSPB.

“This is why we are committing to boosting wildlife and building nature friendly developments.

“And, through the exciting new £1m project with the RSPB, we look forward to developing new digital resources that will connect and inspire homeowners to help nature on their doorstep.”