Rand Farm Park celebrates 25 years in business

The team at Rand Farm Park are celebrating having been in business for 25 years.

With Rand Farm turning 25 on February 17 last week, the team reflected on the journey so far, stating that despite the many changes over the years, their ethos has stayed the same – ‘to offer a fun, educational but good value for money day out for visitors of all ages and abilities.’

The team said: “On the first day of opening we welcomed 110 visitors, although many were family and friends!

Image: Rand Farm Park

“In the early days, many of our visitors became friends and indeed often helped to clear tables, check on animals, look after Joshua etc whilst visiting.

“Many young people have been given their first jobs at Rand Farm Park and indeed lasting friendships were often born through Saturday jobs working here.

“Many staff have come and gone… only to return with their own families some years later.”

“It was and still is hard work but lots of fun and happy memories are made and enjoyed along the way.

Image: Rand farm Park

“Starting later this month and for the whole year, we will feature a selection of people who have been connected with our journey from the early days as well as presently so keep an eye on our Facebook Page as we celebrate this significant milestone for Rand Farm Park and our family.

“For now, we hope you will join with us – we would like to be able to give you a real glass of champagne for a toast and so that we can remember the good times as we celebrate the last 25 years and look ahead to the next…”