The EBP celebrates new premise move to Cathedral Centre

The team at Lincoln-based social enterprise, The EBP, have moved into the Cathedral Centre at Minster Yard, Lincoln.

The new office will be on the top floor of the Cathedral Centre and will give the team the chance to work flexibly either at home or in person, whilst also allowing them to be closer and more accessible to Lincolnshire children and young people.

Michelle Allison, Chief Executive of The EBP and Chair of Lincolnshire & Rutland IoD

Michelle Allison, Chief Executive of The EBP spoke to CityX about the move:

“Like many businesses, Covid has really prompted us to think about how we want to work post pandemic.

“Sitting in an office all day every day no longer seems necessary after a year of knowing that we can all be just as productive away from the office.

“Having consulted with our team, we decided that we wanted to move to a more flexible model where we could combine home working with the ability to have a working hub in the heart of the city that could be used flexibly to suit individual and business needs.

“We also knew that we wanted to be closer to children and young people and more accessible within the community in which we serve.”

“Having spoken to local stakeholders we were absolutely delighted when the team at Lincoln Cathedral suggested the upper floor of the Cathedral Centre might suit our needs, alongside communal use of the beautiful garden, kitchen and downstairs dining area.

“When we visited the Cathedral Centre we were absolutely blown away! It was perfect and very accessible.

“We were delighted to progress a tenancy and are grateful to the amazing team at the Cathedral for supporting a local social enterprise in the way that they have.

“They really have been amazingly supportive, and I’d like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all of the EBP team.

“I think at The EBP we really are leading the way in terms of how organisations are now thinking about a more flexible approach to the way we work.

“Our hub combines a highly professional presence within the city with the ability to build in home working alongside it.”

“In this way our team can manage their time flexibly to suit their needs.

“As the Chair of the IoD in Lincolnshire I know that many other organisations are also looking at adopting more hybrid models as a way of increasing flexibility whilst also reducing the cost base.

“It just makes good business sense and is far better for the health and wellbeing of staff.

“When I speak to my team, they tell me that they miss the interactions with colleagues, but they also value the increased flexibility that homeworking brings.

“This way we can manage the two. Greater flexibility is a reflection of the wider expectations and trends in our society, and I think as business leaders we must keep pace with those shifts, or we will fail to harness the benefits that increased flexibility brings.

“What we are most looking forward to is combing the old with the new.”

“We already work extremely well with the Cathedral in terms of the SPARK Engineering Festival and other initiatives that are aimed at raising the aspiration of children and young people and we often marvel at how well the two meld together.

“Every year thousands of children and young people learn about our heritage alongside keeping pace with a fast-changing world.

“When you combine a beautiful 13th century building with a modern, vibrant hub it is just pure magic. Who says you cannot have the best of both worlds? Certainly not me!”