Cyber security as a service launches in Lincoln

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Cyberlab, a specialist cyber security consultancy based in Lincoln has launched a service to help businesses combat the mounting threat of cyber attacks with a monthly subscription service.

Ryan Bradbury, Founder of Cyberlab who previously sold a successful IT support company said “having previously worked with hundreds of clients in the IT management space it became very apparent there was a lack of understanding to help build cyber resilience.

“The Cyberlab journey began a year ago with a vision to support SME’s in their plight against cyber threats.”

A reported 38% of UK businesses experienced an attempted cyber attack in 2020 a startling figure that is seemingly growing exponentially year after year.  With more and more businesses, particularly after the pandemic, having remote workers depend on technology to run their company; the need for stringent cyber security is at an all time high.

“Businesses are being advised that they need to make cyber security a priority, but this task is a challenge. The industry is guilty of providing conflicting information and with literally thousands of tools available on the market it is hard to know where to begin” said Ryan.

“We felt that cyber security was too expensive and complex, making it inaccessible to SME’s.”

Rather than waiting until you have a breach or cyber security incident which is likely to have reputational, financial and legal implications, the old adage of prevention being better than a cure was the mantra behind Cyberlabs decision to offer a monthly subscription service that was affordable to businesses of all sizes.

CityX asked Cyberlabs what were the 3 main cyber security issues that businesses should be aware of, Ryan said –

“Firstly, to educate your users. Build a human firewall to act as your first line of defence by ensuring colleagues know what to look out for and how to respond.

Secondly, to develop a clear set of cyber security policies. Identify the organisations assets, the controls in place to protect them and instructions on how to identify, contain and recover from a cyber attack.

Thirdly, to practice your cyber policies and procedures. Don’t let your policies become an unused and unknown document safely filed away. Simulate an attack and put your incident response plan to use to identify how effectively your business responds.”

Cyberlab’s new Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) allows businesses to outsource their cyber security to a team of industry experts. The offering seeks to minimise cyber security risk with a suite of best of breed services, managed and monitored in an easy-to-use secure online portal. With unlimited advice and guidance, our dedicated specialists assess, improve, and enhance your businesses cyber security strategy with specific, easy to understand recommendations for a fixed monthly price.

Cyberlab’s CSaaS is available in three levels to suit your individual needs, with key features such as:

  • Unlimited advice and guidance
  • Policy hub
  • Phishing simulation
  • Security awareness training
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Cyber Essentials scheme
  • Tabletop exercises

To discuss your cyber security, contact Cyberlab today on 0333 050 8120 or for more information, visit