SEO Traffic Lab announces their Charity of the Year

Lincoln-based digital marketing agency SEO Traffic Lab have announced that they have chosen The Bearded Fishermen as their Charity of the Year.

The Bearded Fishermen is a mental health and suicide prevention charity based in Gainsborough.

The Founders of the Charity, Rick Roberts and Mick Leyland, experienced this charity’s need first hand.

After struggling with their own mental health for the majority of their lives, they embarked on a mission to make sure no one suffers alone and everyone is aware that there is help out there.

Mick Leyland said:

“Our work here at the Bearded fishermen is to help and support people with mental health problems and suicidal thoughts to prevent suicide and get help where it is needed.

“We are so thankful for companies like SEO Traffic Lab who support us by raising awareness and money for our charity.”

SEO Traffic Lab will help The Bearded Fishermen with their digital marketing by securing them a Google Ads Grant, improving their website for their SEO, volunteering at events and raising vital funds so they can help more people.

Richard Hill said: “Choosing The Bearded Fishermen as our Charity Partner was a natural choice for me.

“Their selfless attitude to helping people in Lincolnshire is inspiring.”

“People’s mental health has been tested more than ever this year, and GPs struggle to provide the support fast enough. That’s why Charities like The Bearded Fishermen are vital.

“The team is so excited and we already have heaps of ideas to raise funds and awareness for them.

“While they are our Charity of the Year, I believe that they will be a team that we work closely with for the foreseeable.

“If anyone who is reading this is struggling, reach out and get help. Having a conversation is half of the battle.”