Dock Beers release Grimsby retro style football shirt

Docks Beers have collaborated with COPA, the specialist retro football shirt makers, to design a new shirt which celebrates Great Grimsby. The limited-edition shirt is full of local references including the town’s iconic coat of arms.

Docks Beers Marketing Manager, Jack Johnson, coordinated the collaboration with COPA and had this to say about the new shirt which recently launched: “Following the success of our cycling shirt we wanted to release another limited-edition piece of merchandise.

We have been toying with the idea of releasing a football style shirt. We’ve been talking to COPA for a while – they are one of the world’s leading suppliers of retro football apparel – they loved the idea and as soon as they came on board, we began the design process.

We wanted our shirt to hark back to the classic football shirts of the 1980s – that’s why it has fitted sleeves and a big ‘Docks Beers’ logo across the chest, just like many football shirts of that era. Crucially we wanted to celebrate Great Grimsby which is why the town’s coat of arms, and the fish pattern are such central design elements. The end result is something we think will appeal to anyone who has an affinity to Grimsby, not just football supporters.”

Osin Peltenburg, Account Manager at COPA, said this about the collaboration: “At COPA, we are first and foremost fans of real, authentic football culture. And of course, there is one thing inextricably linked to football, fun and mates and that is beer. Good beer! And that’s exactly what they are very good at Docks.

Moreover, we were very enthusiastic about the creativity of Docks Beers. This is something that we as a brand also strive for at all times. That is why this collaboration is a perfect match as far as we are concerned!” 

Back in March, Docks Beers gave their followers on social media the chance to choose the design they liked the most and on the day of the Euro 2020 Final, they released a teaser photo of the sample Great Grimsby shirt which sent their social media into meltdown, as Jack Johnson explains: “Our social media channels were swamped with people saying how much they loved the shirts and asking us how they could order one.

“We’ve now had a delivery of 500, which is a sizable order, but they will sell quickly so we are urging people to order as soon as possible to secure one.”

The shirts are suitable for both men and women and they are available in sizes from small to XXXL. They are now on sale from or the brewery’s taproom shop on King Edward Street.