City Fans Player Scheme raises funds for Lincoln food bank

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Lincoln City FC’s Fans Player Scheme (FPS) is once again raising funds to provide a small gift to go out with food bank parcels this Christmas after raising over £3,000 last year.

The Fans Player Scheme was established in 2012 with the vision to reconnect the fans with the club after relegation from the EFL. Funds were then raised for the club through the help of the fans. It has evolved and grown over the years raising over £150,000 since its launch.

Paul Dixon from the FPS explains the initiative, “It was brought about last year after speaking to a number of sponsors that wanted to do something to make a difference. Well we certainly did that raising over £3000.

“We’re asking businesses to donate £20 or as much as they’d like to contribute and then just like last year our aim will be to raise as much money as we can, then turn that money into Lincolnshire Co-op vouchers.

“We will then take the vouchers to the Lincoln food bank so they give £10 of them out with every food parcel that is collected.”

“Lincolnshire Co-op has pledged to increase the total donation by 10% to maximise the impact of the scheme which we know will make a difference and put a few smiles on the faces of families this Christmas.”

The scheme has got off to a great start with a number of local businesses keen to get involved including –

If you’d like to get involved you can message the FPS directly on facebook – or send an email to [email protected]