eComOne hand over COTY funds to The Bearded Fishermen

eComOne has raised £1485.02 for their Charity of the Year, The Bearded Fishermen. The team at eComOne have raised these funds by running several events throughout the year, including quizzes and a step challenge.

The Bearded Fishermen is a mental health and suicide prevention charity in Gainsborough. They patrol suicide hot spots, offer 24/7 phone support and organise mental health awareness days. eComOne started working with Rick Roberts and Mick Leyland in early 2021 after learning about their work and impact in Lincolnshire. 

Rick Roberts, Chairman of Bearded Fishermen, says, It is with great thanks from all at Bearded Fishermen Charity for the hard work that eComOne has done for us. We can’t wait to work with them in 2022 and beyond.” 

“We would like to say thank you for the work they have done getting us an amazing $10,000 a month Google Ads Grant. This will help us to spread the message that we are here to help people struggling with mental health.”

Richard Hill, CEO.

Richard Hill, CEO and Founder of eComOne, says. “Choosing the Bearded Fishermen as our Charity Partner was a no brainer for me. Their work is needed critically in Lincolnshire – they save lives. I am so proud of my team for working together and raising this money to support their cause further.“

“2021 was a crazy year for everyone. We couldn’t do face to face events for a huge portion of the year so we went online. We have just got their Google Ads Grant confirmed. This will get their services to more people who need them. As a team, we have decided to continue working with them in 2022.”  

If you are struggling with your mental health, you can contact the Bearded Fishermen on 0300 365 0019.

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