CityTribe plans to breathe life into Lincoln for younger professionals

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A member organisation designed to fill the gap between the student experience and traditional networking events has launched in Lincoln.

CityTribe is a community of 18-45yr olds that are linked to Lincoln either through where they work or where they live.  Through a series of events including the flagship ‘Tribal Gathering’; CityTribe aims to help individuals make roots in the city through professional socialising to make connections, friendships and relationships.

Founder Dean Graham explains, “Once you leave the bubble of education you’re thrust into a world of work that can be incredibly challenging in itself, but potentially being in a city with a limited social circle makes that transition even harder.

Photography by Payne Design

“Throughout your twenties and thirties you typically start to put down roots in a location.  Career, friends, pets, house purchase, starting a family, kids going to school, etc.  All of those things help root you to the City.  In order to help grow the potential of Lincoln, CityTribe is designed to support people in making those roots by re-igniting the outside of work ecosystem”

“For far too long there’s been little targeted at those who are the lifeblood of our city, especially as the under 45 demographic represents 65% of Lincoln’s residents.  It seems like once you’re no longer a student you’re pretty much on your own to carve out a life in Lincoln.  Ultimately we want to help you do that so that you choose to stay in Lincoln for as long as possible!”

Dumi Siwo – Photography by Payne Design

CityTribe kicked off with 2 events last week, both hosted at newly renovated The Drill venue in the city centre.  The first an employer engagement event to discuss retention of talent in the city and the second a taster event of the Tribal Gathering, hosted by Richard Askam and featured a panel of Visit Lincoln CEO Charlotte Goy, MP for Lincoln Karl McCartney, hospitality marketing specialist Amy Wallis and CityTribe Founder Dean Graham.  The business side of the event finished with a keynote from University of Lincoln graduate and media business owner Dumi Siwo of Firmative.

Photography by Payne Design

The event then went on to be ‘professional social’ to use the company’s tagline with street food, acoustic vocalist, live DJ and networking facilitated by a selection of CityTribe’s Ambassadors.

CityTribe will be launching its membership options for individuals and businesses at the end of this month will special offers for those first to sign-up.