Streets Heaver celebrate 7 staff surpassing 20 years of service

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Last week Streets Heaver held a Long Service Ceremony and celebratory lunch to honour seven employees who have each spent over 20 years with the company.

The ceremony was organised to acknowledge and show the business’ gratitude for the ongoing commitment and hard work of these seven, highly valued employees.

The day’s honourees were Chris Hewitt, Marvin Cottam, Geoff Cooke, and Andy Robinson, all having contributed over 20 years of service. Alongside Neil Barber, Richard Milner, and David Skinner, who have each been employed for an impressive 30 years or more at Streets Heaver. The combined total, alongside the company’s Directors, equals over 225 years of service.

When asked to reflect on his 30 years at Streets Heaver and how it felt to be honoured at the Long Service Ceremony, Compliance Manager, David Skinner remarked, It has been an interesting and evolving time, having worked in multiple different departments over the years and seeing the technological changes emerging.”

“It has also been amazing to see the company grow from 7 people to over 70 and continuing to expand.”

Support Manager, Geoff Cooke, shared similar views when asked about being an honouree at the Long Service Ceremony and his time at Streets Heaver, It was great to hear Paul (Heaver, the company’s founder) talk about the evolution of the company and relate that back to the contributions of the seven of us receiving our long service awards. Both Paul and Ben Heaver have looked after us very well across the years and, together with everyone else who works here, have made Streets Heaver a wonderful place to be.”

Thanks to these seven individuals, Streets Heaver benefit from a pool of unique and extensive product knowledge. Their expertise aids in further developing Compucare, their healthcare management system, entirely in-house.

This recent ceremony indicates that more than 1 in 10 Streets Heaver employees currently hold over 20 years of service. Whilst the Company continues to actively recruit, welcoming a continuously growing talent pool of all ages, it is a significant achievement to have retained such a great percentage of employees’ long term.

On celebrating this milestone, Founder, Paul Heaver said, “The Long Service Ceremony has made me reflect on the success of our Company and the people who built it. And remarkably, 7 of the original faces are here today, still working tremendously hard. 

“The people here are the history of Streets Heaver and we are so grateful for all the hard work they do.”