Lincolnshire Workplace Health & Wellbeing Conference

    May 14, 2019 08:00
    The Showroom
    Tritton Road, Lincoln

    Here at Firecracker, we have seen the positive impact improved wellbeing has on not only people’s physical and mental health but also on the way they approach life, their mindset and the goals they set out to achieve.

    Figures recently released from the Health and Safety Executive:

    • The annual cost of work-related illness (not including long-term illness or cancer) to the UK economy was around £15 Billion in 2016/17.
    • 26.8 Million working days were lost due to work-related ill health in 2017/2018 and of this number, 57% could be linked to work-related stress, depression and anxiety.

    As employers, we have a responsibility to keep our staff well under The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and from extensive research completed, we know that good work is good health.

    We believe that healthy people = happy people = productive people!

    Workplace health and wellbeing is all about using the workplace to facilitate good wellbeing, in every sense of the word, it’s simply treating individuals with respect and kindness. So let us start the conversations…

    This conference aims to inform you about what workplace health and wellbeing is, and how poor health and wellbeing of employees can impact on the bottom line and business performance.

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